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“Education is the realization of hope for the future.”

- Victor Tam

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school."

- Albert Einstein

"The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next."

- Abraham Lincoln

The first principal was Rev. Thomas Peyton (1845 - 1852). He compared his students favorably to English students at a time when European racial prejudice against Africans was profound.

The first African principal was James Quaker (1861-1882), a former student of the Church Mission Society College in London. The Reverend Obadiah Moore was a graduate of the school who became principal after studying at Fourah Bay College and at Monkton Combe School near Bath in England, and holding other teaching positions.

T.C. John, a Hausa, was taught at the Sierra Leone Grammar school and later became a Master, Vice-Principal and then in 1920 Principal of the school. In 1933 he was consecrated Assistant Bishop of the Niger. When he died on 26 January 1936 it was discovered that no provision had been made to pay a pension to his widow, but the church made no immediate move to rectify the problem.


A full list of principals:

Rev. Thomas Peyton 1845 - 1852

Rev. John Milward 1852 - 1859

Rev. James Quaker 1861 - 1882

Rev.Can on Obadiah Moore 1882 - 1905

Rev. George G. Garrett 1906 - 1912

Rev. Henry Dallimore 1914 - 1920

Bishop T.C. John 1920 - 1933

Bishop T.S Johnson 1933 - 1936

Rev. P. Hycy Wilson 1937 - 1947

Rev. E.D.C Clarke 1947 - 1952

Mr. Frank Wood 1952 - 1964

Very Revd. G.O.L Palmer 1964 - 1970

Rev. H.G.B Davies (Acting) 1970 - 1971

Rev. V.J.Hasting-Spaine 1971 - 1985

Mr. Akiwande J. Lasite 1985 to date